Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring Leaf

Spring Leaf piston cooling nozzle

Side Mirror

piston cooling nozzle

Car Control Cable

We supply all types of car control cables that are manufactured using high level of precision and quality raw materials. These are available for various cars like Toyota, Tata, Hyundai, Maruti etc. We can manufacture car control cable as per customer's designs and specification .

Head and Tail Light

piston cooling nozzle

Steering Rack Assembly

piston cooling nozzle

Crank Shaft

We supply all type of replacements Crank Shaft of Indian light and heavy vehicle in lowest competitive price in the market
Application: The crank shaft is located in the engine of a vehicle and convert the force created by the engine's piston moving up and down into a force that move the wheel in a circular motion so that car can go forward. Located inside the car's engine, the crank shaft is connected to all the pistons in the engine and to the flywheel.


We deals in all type of replacements gear parts of Indian light and heavy vehicle, heaving years of experience in the market. Supplying replacement gears in all Indian motor spear market with complete fitment guaranty.
Application: A wheel with teeth around its rim that mesh with the teeth of another wheel to transmit motion .Gear are used to transmit power (as in gear car transmission) or change the direction of motion in a mechanism (as in a differential axle) .Fixed ratios of speed in various parts of machine is often established by the arrangement of gears.